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Different breeds sitting obediently

The purpose of Really Smart Dog is to bring you useful information in order to help you build a happy and healthy relationship with your really smart dog.  A relationship that is built on love and trust, and teach you how to train and care for your dog as best as you possibly can to live a fulfilling, happy and long life together.

*  Your dog wasn’t born with the knowledge of what you want him to do, or don’t want him to do

*  Your dog wasn’t born knowing the rules of living in a human world.

*  Your dog just doesn’t know what you expect…And it’s up to you to teach him!

In reality your dog can only become what you train him to be.  Training must be seen as a part of your everyday life together and the process through which you guide your dog to live a happy, safe and fulfilling life.

But you can’t train your dog successfully unless you know and use effective dog training techniques.  In the pages that follow, you will discover articles and guides that will teach you the strategies and processes of training your dog to become a well-mannered, obedient, respectful and above all, lovable and happy really smart dog.